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Output 1 (O1): Needs Analysis for Preschool Teachers in Inclusive Education Settings

The main target of the project is to develop a training package for the preschool teachers in terms of inclusiveness. As the first step of development procedure, a needs analysis should be completed. Ankara is chosen a pilot province to conduct such an analysis.

The objective of this study is to determine the problems and challenges faced by preschool teachers working inclusive class-room environments. The significance of the study originates from the fact that there are only a limited number of studies conducted in this field. Therefore this study fills the gap in relation to this underresearched area. The methodology of this study is literature review and the current situation and needs analysis for preschool teachers who are working with children with special needs focusing on children with intellectual disabilities in Ankara province. At the same time, the data that has been obtained will allow us to draw some conclusions and provide some suggestions.

Sub Outputs:
Q1/A1 Literature Survey
Q1/A2 Field Study Design
Q1/A3 Field study implementation
O1/A4 Focus group meetings
O1/A5 In-depth Interviews
O1/A6 Evaluations
O1/A7 Reporting

Output 2 (O2): Development of a new tool to evaluate inclusive preschool settings in the perspective of global quality-(Evaluation Tool Kit)

The project aims to develop a tool to examine preschool settings based on the idea of inclusion. The tool will reflect the main principles of global quality approach which is the combination of structural and process quality ideas. Structural quality reflects the situation in regard to physical settings, materials in the settings, and the ratio of the students in the settings. Process quality reflects the interaction among the individuals in the settings.

The final product will be the first version of a tool to evaluate inclusiveness of the preschool settings. (Evaluation Tool Kit). This product will be a new tool and will provide a new point of view to the policy makers in an under researched but most important field of education. This output will contribute to the Output 3 when designing the training program. Therefore it will be a valuable input for O3.

Sub Outputs:
Tool development procedure will consist of following steps. literature search, developing observation items, developing coding system, conducting content validity and interrater reliability procedures, and field testing.
O2/A1 Literature survey, developing a coding protocol and testing the protocol
O2/A2 Production of first version of the tool.

Output 3 (O3): Designing a training program for preschool teachers who work in inclusive settings

The main purpose of the project is to design in-service training package for preschool teachers who are working with children with intellectual disabilities. A group of teacher in selected pilot schools in Ankara will actively participate in the design process of the training package. The final product will be a training package developed by the selected teachers in pilot schools with the support of professionals from partner universities and ZİÇEV. A guideline will also be prepared to guide the target groups.

Sub Outputs:
O3/A1 Work shops and classroom observations in Pilot preschools
O3/A2 Content development
O3/A3 Content evaluation
O3/A4 Revising the content

Output 4 (O4): Designing an open and web based e-learning environment (E-learning portal) for preschool teachers (O4)

The main objective is to design an e-learning portal for preschool teachers who are working with children with intellectual disabilities. E-learning portal will be mainly focus on the needs of the target group as a right e-learning environment with right staff, right time and right contents.

Sub Outputs:
O4/A1 Development of the functional Structure and e-learning management system
O4/A2 Preparation of digital version of the training program
O4/A3 Embedding digital learning content into the learning management system
O4/A4 Usability and Functionality Test Process
O4/A5 Pilot Trainings